1. Things to Consider: Minor Kitchen Updates

    The kitchen is the equivalent of the Beltway during rush hour on a Friday afternoon. It is the most heavily-used part of a home, giving it the starring role in most reno dreams. In fact, many homeowners say a key reason they choose to take on a kitchen remodel is their discontent with the space. A 2…Read More

  2. Three Ways to Make Use of Basement Space

    The basement gets a pretty bad rap. It is typically the featured setting of a horror flick, with a reputation for being cold and dark—the place you store stuff when you have no other plan. But homeowners are discovering ways to capitalize on this valuable square footage in diverse ways, and it hap…Read More

  3. Three Questions to Answer Before Remodeling in 2018

    Three Questions to Answer Before Remodeling in 2018 By Bianca M. Strzalkowski As the calendar changes to January, people take inventory of their lives to assess what they can improve or change. But resolutions aren’t restricted to an individual. The new year is also a prime time to evaluate the ne…Read More