Ah, spring…that magical time of year when you remember what the outside of your house looks like because you’re not darting back and forth between your house and the Arctic (you’ll have to trust us on this one, Florida). You’ve perhaps observed there is, in fact, green stuff under the snow, puddles, and mud of days not too long past. And maybe you’ve noticed that your home exterior could use some much-needed love about now. Maybe even a makeover.

When you hear the word “makeover,” do you picture some reality television outcome, where someone loses a ton of weight and then life is just instantly better because things look great from the outside?

Ask yourself this question: Would it make sense to lose weight without addressing an underlying medical issue that’s likely to cause weight gain again? Behind the scenes of any one of dozens of television shows with this very theme, there are experts. They assess overall health of participants, explore what supports would be helpful to maintain weight loss, etc.

Doesn’t your home deserve the same? A team of experts who will make sure that you’re working with a great foundation (literally and figuratively)? From home repairs and renovations to aesthetic touches, HPI’s team of designers, contractors, and tradesmen are the go-to resource for a makeover-worthy result.

But where to start?

How about those gutters? Gutters aren’t sexy. And they’re not likely to be on your radar for significant exterior home improvements you can make. But their job is an important one. Gutters, when they’re in great shape and working as they should be, direct drainage away from your house. Investing in repairing or replacing your gutters now means you’re less likely to be looking at paying to remedy the effects of water damage to your windows, siding, doors, and even your foundation later. HGTV tells you why this is a job you want the experts to do (and gives you great options, ranging from budget-friendly to high-end systems).

Speaking of water damage… Is there anything more relaxing than the sound of rain on your roof? How about ensuring that rain stays outside like it’s supposed to? Water features are gorgeous, but not through your light fixtures, when a problem with your roof means it’s raining inside your bedroom. Not so relaxing then. Roofs can be an expensive proposition. But when done properly, you should expect to get decades of worry-free use out of them. And chances are pretty good that a roof protects the majority of the people and things you most value. Here’s why you should choose the best materials you can afford (plus, check out the great tip involving magnets).

Interested in practicality and curb appeal? Siding, like gutters and roofing, serves to protect your home from the elements. Kind of like those plastic grocery store bags your mom stuffed your feet into before your sneaks on a rainy day (if you grew up in a time when you couldn’t carry the interweb in the palm of your hand). Except unlike plastic grocery bags, you can potentially see a 76.7% return on your investment if you replace the siding on your home (the fifth highest cost recouped according to What the 20 Most Popular Home Renovations Are Really Worth in 2018). And plastic bags are far less eye-catching than siding chosen to highlight your home’s unique features. (Of course, you could always fulfill that secret desire of yours to have the only purple house on the street, and that, too, would catch folks’ attention.)

Ready for that makeover? Take advantage of a free in-home estimate for your new gutters, roof, siding (or any of your home repair and renovation needs). Call 410.757.2658 to schedule your appointment.