We like to dream about big projects (and we can make those dreams come true!), but sometimes, in the middle of big plans, we aren’t as great about tending to the little things that need to be done around the house.

Do you have one of those lists that you keep adding to until a flooded basement or cracked window gives you some sense of urgency? Here’s the thing: Even a “small” issue can quickly become an expensive and complicated repair down the road if ignored now. So, bring out that list (or start making one as you walk around your home) and take advantage of this time to knock out those repairs!

Function over fashion. We know. We know. We like to say this. The truth is, you can have both, but if you are prioritizing (for reasons either of time or budget), then make sure you’re focusing on what’s most important first. This means prioritizing safety, minimizing potential damage, and putting cost efficiency before aesthetics.

Plumbing and electrical issues. From a convenience perspective, you want electricity and water in your house, right? From a money-savvy point of view, plumbing and electrical repairs are perfect examples of small problems turning into big costly ones if left unfixed.

That slow drain in your bathroom sink that drives you crazy while you’re brushing your teeth? Sure, it’s just an extra minute or two of inconvenience before you can clean the toothpaste out of the sink…at the moment. But that same problem sink can also lead to broken water pipes, extensive interior damage, and sewage backing up into your home.

What about that outlet that zaps you every time you go near it? Or your circuit breakers tripping each time you want to blow dry your hair and have your refrigerator work simultaneously? Your house shouldn’t zap you. Your power should be sufficient to let you walk and chew gum at the same time. Save the water works for the water park and the sparks for the Fourth of July and have a licensed professional look at your plumbing and electrical problems now.

Gutters and roofs. While we’re talking about prioritizing, it’s the perfect time of year to have your gutters checked and cleared or repaired, before the deluge of leaves, twigs, and ridiculous amounts of precipitation. Forget to stay on top of this? You’re looking at clogged gutters and downspouts, standing water and mold, and worse—potential damage to your roof and foundation. An easy fix now, a nightmare later. A professional can easily assess the status of your roof and gutters, make recommendations, and have you squared away before your home is battling with the elements.

Windows. Early fall is also a great time to check the windows around your house. Are the screens in good condition? Are there cracks in the glass? Notice any drafts? You want to be sealed up nice and tight in advance of any drastic change in temperatures. And when your windows are in good shape, that’s good for your utility bill, too!

Other repairs and projects. Once you’ve gotten through your list of necessary repairs, it’s time to go back to your “wish-I-could” list. Maybe some of those things you’ve been thinking about aren’t big projects, but they’re still things you’ve been postponing. Like installing shelving in the bathroom so your counter isn’t overflowing with toiletries. Or patching up the holes in the drywall made by children, animals, or adults wielding heavy furniture. Perhaps you’ve wanted to retile the kitchen floor or get the temperamental door to your bedroom fixed.

With a one-stop shop for all your exterior, interior, and handyman services, you can tackle all these projects and more!