If you’ve been following us here (and did that last homework assignment we gave you), you should have a handy dandy list of “must” projects (repairs to address potentially hazardous situations or to prevent them from happening), “should” projects (maintenance and/or renovations that impact ease of use or general comfort in your home), and “would love to” projects (those dream endeavors you fantasize about getting to one day).

We know it’s summer. You’re likely, dependent upon geography, throwing around words like “oppressively hot” and “disgustingly humid” in your conversations. You’re just back from vacation, or trying to squeeze in a vacation, or grumpy about the fact that everyone else on the planet seems to have had a vacation but you. If you’ve got kiddos, you’re enjoying the last school-free days of summer, or you’re wondering why the new school year can’t get here any faster. What you may not be doing, however, is thinking about what you can tackle over the remainder of your summer from that list you made. Here’s why you should rethink that whole not thinking about it thing.

Weather is your friend. Summer gives the gift of longer days. And longer days equal more daylight with which to complete work. (That daylight is also super helpful when it comes to having natural lighting to work with when picking colors and materials.)

This time of year, inclement weather is less of an obstacle to the timely completion of your project. Chances are slim that you’re going to run into a snow delay. And you’re probably not going to lose a week of work to rain (unless you live in Jersey, where they’ve recently been filming Noah: The Sequel). When Mother Nature and your home improvement professionals are on the same team, your repairs and renovations stay on schedule!

Another point worth keeping in mind is this: Home renovations can mean dust, debris, and fumes. Know what summer means? Open windows, screen doors, and fresh air. (It also means grilling, which can be a saver of money and sanity if you’re having work done on your kitchen.)

Time is on your side. For most people, summer lends itself to greater flexibility with scheduling. Unless you’re a marathon extracurricular activities scheduler, your calendar is (hopefully) still not yet consumed with tutoring, school sports, marching band, concert choir, ballet, Ukrainian dance, and the like. If you’re spending less time shuttling kids from one activity to the next, then you’ll find it easier to coordinate time for meeting with contractors, being home for inspections, etc.

That same flexibility also means it’s most likely easier for you to get your family members out from under foot while work is being done. Junior can be frolicking on the lake at Camp WheredMyMoneyGo while your bathroom is being transformed. While your den is being converted into a multimedia room, you can be taking in the sights at our amazing national parks, enjoying museums, visiting distant family, or questioning your life choices after a week trapped in an RV with people you thought you liked far more than you actually do.

Bonus tip! This is going to sound counterintuitive, what with it being a thousand degrees outside and all, but summer is actually a great time to have your furnace checked and serviced or replaced if necessary. By the time you’re going to want your furnace to be working, the rest of the world (not being as savvy as you) will be fighting for limited appointment slots while huddled together for warmth.

In a few months’ time, you’ll forget that you remembered that you don’t particularly like some of those relatives of yours. If the displays at the big box stores are any indication, that winter holiday clock has started ticking already. Picture it now: your family and friends gathered around that gorgeous granite island you just had installed in your kitchen, noshing on appetizers while you’re finishing up dinner prep. You’re not mortified to have them use the toilet in the powder room that used to only flush if you jiggled the handle for five minutes while dancing the Hokey Pokey. You’re surrounded by the people who matter most to you and you’re truly enjoying a home that makes you smile. That is a gift you don’t have to wait until the holidays to give yourself.