An exceptional relationship in exceptional spaces

HPI Building & Renovations prides itself on a client base of 60 to 70% repeat business. People are the foundation of the company’s continued growth with original owner, Jim Hay, creating a consumer-centric business model. Services designed to deliver a superior client experience lie at the heart of HPI’s success.

To date, the home remodeling and repair company has served over 11,000 homeowners since opening its doors 18 years ago.
Jeff Garza joins HPI with a background in architecture and construction. Serving for 20+ years in the military as an engineer, Jeff retired three years ago and sought a civilian sector career that aligned with the more intimate team setting he was accustomed to in the Marine Corps. He found that culture at HPI. Today, his vision looking ahead includes transforming the business into an employee-owned company while also creating management and growth opportunities for the field trades.

Jeff spoke with Powerhouse Planning about the company’s history and its priority of building relationships with clients.

Can you touch on the backstory of HPI? Why was the company first started?
The company first started as a handyman service by Jim Hay—a little over 18 years ago—doing handyman services and advertising door to door, and he built a grassroots-type of company with the owner planning, estimating, and doing most of the work himself. It grew from there with the reputation for excellence, resulting in projects getting larger and larger. We still do handyman services-type of work for a lot of our long-term clients, but have grown steadily into larger projects—kitchens, bathrooms, whole home additions and remodels, decks, etc. There’s pretty much nothing we won’t do or manage.

The company initially offered handyman services and then evolved in its offerings. Why?
We evolved as a result of the maturity of the company and the confidence among our clientele and client base that we can do the larger jobs and we can manage the larger jobs; so in this business it’s really about trust in the contractor. As Jim built a reputation for delivering those projects, obviously he got more opportunities to get larger—and more complex—ones. And that’s the maturity of a construction company: As it grows, it wants to do the larger jobs because, theoretically, they’re easier to manage and more satisfying than multiple smaller ones, and they provide a much-needed service to your clients.

Why is it important to HPI to use a team of full-time staff versus subcontractors? What value does that bring to clients?
As a result of having our own in-house salesman and master carpenters, we can control the schedule, we can control the quality, and we can control the cost and provide our clients a greater value. A lot of times in this industry, you are at the mercy of the subcontractors showing up when they say they’ll show up, and because we have our own staff of carpenters, drywallers, and painters, as well as a close relationship with trusted subs, we can control schedule, quality, timing, and cost better than our competitors can.

That’s something a lot of companies don’t do because that does come at a significant cost—a large overhead cost for us—but we believe the benefit is we can deliver a superior product on time with minimal hassle to the homeowner at a tremendous value while minimizing the homeowner’s frustration.

The website mentions “a promise of an uncommon professional experience.” Can you expand on what that means?
What we mean by that is construction projects are usually filled with—for the homeowner—doubt, confusion, messiness, and friction between the company and the homeowner, and so we are obsessive about a great client experience. We’re going to come in and keep our debris and dust to a minimum, and if you’re not satisfied, we’re going to keep working it. We don’t want you to worry, and we don’t want to interrupt your life any more than we have to. For us, it’s not just about delivering a great product; it’s also about focusing on the experience as being stress-free and hassle-free and, most importantly, about building a lifelong relationship.

What do you want clients to know about working with HPI?
The company is here for the long term. This is what we do. We’re a local company that has been in this community for 18+ years, and at the end of the day, we want clients to have a great construction-remodeling-renovation experience.

From the salesmen to the master carpenter on the project, we strive to build an exceptional relationship with our clients. You can trust us—it’s going to be a relationship, not a job.