Last time we talked about specializing (and upgrading) everyday spaces like master bathroom suites and walk-in closets. This time around, we want to talk about the kinds of spaces you typically only see on whatever today’s version of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous is. Because contrary to what you believe, with the right team of professionals, those spaces are actually within your reach and budget (unless your reach is a 24-karat gold bowling alley on a minimum-wage budget).

The beautiful thing about a room is that it only really needs to have walls, a floor, and a ceiling. What you put into that room and how you designate its use? Well, that is entirely up to you. Want a room dedicated to the ‘70s? Cue the wood paneling, shag carpeting, and shades of brown (bonus points for shag carpeting in shades of brown). How about a room that celebrates your fondness for spirits? Hello, wine cellar or crystal balls (might be fun to combine the two, no?).

Whatever your hobbies, interests, or needs, you can customize a space to bring those things to life!

Get your crafts on! Whether you’re an accomplished artist or someone who just likes failing spectacularly at things Pinterest makes look deceivingly easy, why not create a dedicated space for art? Sure, you could set up an easel and paints, but don’t limit your thinking to “traditional” art. How about gift-wrapping (for those of us who make more effort than an overpriced gift bag or a piece of the Sunday comics)? There’s stationery making, scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, and embroidering. Maybe you like to work with clay (or gum wrappers). Whatever your medium of choice may be, you can make this room work for you.

Enjoy painting, gluing things, or using messy materials? Think about having a sink installed in your craft room. Need a lot of counter space? Consider a built-in desk or drafting table. Does your artistic expression require the gathering of bits, bobbles, and doodads? Explore customized storage solutions. Want easy access to scissors, stamps, and such? Creative solutions like magnetic or Velcro strips can keep your tools at hand. Map out the logistics of your engagement in the creation of your art: What do you use? What needs to be readily available? How will you store it? Here are some tips to get you started!

Man Caves and She Sheds. Disclaimer—you need neither a cave nor a shed to create either of these customized spaces (although we’ve got you covered with sheds here). You can also feel free to ignore the inherent gender bias associated with these catchy names and create your very own Woman Cave or He Shed (but maybe come up with better names because these make us cringe). What it boils down to is this: If you have the desire to have a designated “me space” in your home, and it doesn’t require making someone sleep on the roof for you to have such a room, then this is a great use of space in your home.

Ask yourself this question: What’s your idea of a sanctuary? Do you think of a spa-like setting? A space to read while enjoying a hot cup of tea? Somewhere to watch your football game without a tiny human standing in front of the screen, screaming that someone looked at her funny? This room is your happy place. So what makes you happy? Design this room to reflect that.

Splash your favorite colors on the walls. Bring in seating that will form perfectly to the shape of your bottom and no one else’s. Consider lighting that sets the mood you’re hoping to inspire. Fill the room with your favorite things (think built-in bookshelves or storage). Create your very own retreat that doesn’t require you retreating.

We’ve focused on craft rooms and man/woman caves here, but the sky’s the limit. Exercise room, movie room, game room, hide-from-the-children room…If you can conceive it, we can create it!