At some point during the relationship with your home, things may just stop working out. Maybe you’ve outgrown the square footage or need more functionality, or perhaps you knew when you bought the home that changes would be needed. Exterior home additions can easily solve space issues by giving you options to “bump out” the current floor plan.


There are a few possibilities when deciding to add a garage to your home: transform an existing room, add an additional structure, or create a detached version. The first two options offer more convenience because the space becomes an extension of your home, so you don’t have to worry about going back and forth between two places. Plus, having the garage attached to your home is especially helpful when Mother Nature rains down (or snows) because members of the household can enter and exit through a covered structure.

Garages also add value to your home. Aside from giving you room to park vehicles indoors and to have more storage, future resale may go more smoothly when potential homeowners see a garage as part of the listing.


Picture this: It’s a bright summer day, you’re telecommuting from work, and your office is a mix of inside and outside. You get all of the perks of fresh air and sunlight, minus pests invading your personal space. This is just one of the scenarios you can enjoy with a sunroom.

Homeowners can enclose a sunroom with screens for more of a breezy feel or use windows from floor to ceiling to get maximum exposure to light. When considering this exterior addition, you will need to decide on size and location as well as what types of materials to use. The good news is you can enhance your sunroom as time goes on with upscale furniture and fixtures. Remember, home renovation is a marathon, not a sprint.

One additional idea you should consider at the onset of a sunroom project is adding ceiling fans to assist with circulation during warmer months.


If you prefer more of an open space to the enclosed sunroom option, a deck offers unlimited entertainment options for grilling, hosting parties, and more. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy outdoor living?

Before digging into this plan, you need to evaluate if you have an access point from your home to your future deck, and then decide on what type of materials you want to use. HPI professionals can break down costs for each option, which typically include either wood or composite materials.

Add outdoor furniture and lighting to complete the space in time for summer.

If your neighborhood falls under the rules of a homeowners’ association, check the covenants before proceeding with any of the above ideas. HOAs often have rules regarding the types of materials people can use externally or if additions can be done at all.

As winter starts to wind down, this is an ideal time to conceptualize which exterior addition can help you solve space issues ahead of warmer months. Whether you want to relax on a new back deck after work or need a garage to store items safely ahead of hurricane season, expanding outward is a beneficial solution. HPI consultants can assist in approximating budget, timeline, and feasibility of any project—and in-home estimates are free! Call 410.757.2658 to schedule an appointment.