Sometimes, a fence is little more than a minor accent on the side of your home — bridging the gap between you and your neighbor, and separating your backyards. Sometimes, it’s an extremely important component for your home and yard, especially for homes that sit on a larger piece of land. But no matter how big or small your fence is, there are always reasons to pursue renovation and remodeling.

A fence can make a difference on how your home looks and feels, both in your front- and backyard. A shabby, run-down fence can undoubtedly reduce curb appeal, and even in the backyard where nobody sees your fence except for you, you’ll definitely feel more classy when your fence is freshly painted and well-maintained. All the little things in one’s home or yard can add up and make a big difference, and that includes fences.

More importantly, however, fences serve a functional purpose as a barrier. And, due to the fact that they’re exposed to the elements 24/7, it’s easy for them to wear down. You don’t want gaps or weaknesses in your fence, especially in the company of animals. Likewise, run-down fences can pose a safety hazard, particularly for children who may be prone to climbing over them.

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