There are plenty of ways a window can break. Maybe a baseball got chucked through it. Maybe the kids got a little too rowdy. Maybe there was a break-in. Or, it could just be the result of wear and tear, such as a sliding window failing to stay up, or making way too much noise. But no matter what kind of window problem you have, we can help.

At HPI Building and Renovations, we specialize in home improvement projects of all types, and broken windows are far from uncommon. Indeed, countless homeowners in Greater Baltimore have called us for window repair and replacement, and we’re always happy to oblige.

Fixing a broken window can be as easy as installing new glass, but it can also be an exciting new opportunity to remodel. Some homeowners opt for new windows entirely when it comes time to fix a broken one, and we’d be happy to discuss your options with you if you want to go in a new direction. But no matter what you want for your home, it all starts with a simple phone call. Contact us today to inquire about window repair, and feel free to ask us about any of our other home improvement services.